Potomac Vintage Riders


Established in 1999 by Motorcycling Enthusiasts for Motorcycling Enthusiasts


For up to the minute information, schedule, and details please go the AHRMA North Atlantic Motocross Facebook page.

Potomac Vintage Riders sponsors the AHRMA Mid-Atlantic Vintage and Post Vinage Motocross racing series. AHRMA'smission is to preserve a particular time in the history of the sport of motocross.


AHRMA Motocross is dedicated to preserving these machines, the sights and sounds, the racetracks and the riding techniques and strategies of this bygone era. Our rules are carefully crafted to make sure these machines will never become obsolete again.


Track venues include such famous tracks as Budds Creek, Lake Sugar Tree, Jimmy Weinerts Facility, Tomahawk, Elizabeth City, and Unadilla.


You can find the 2018 AHRMA Vintage and Post Vintage Motocross schedule and results on the AHRMA North Atlantic website